Film maker

I am a filmmaker producing documentaries about the world of yoga.

Through the Veils Films was formed to make documentaries that seek to engage audiences and challenge minds. Its first documentary, Suryalila: Six Years in Search of Sanity, will go on theatrical release late summer 2020 and has been officially selected in international film festivals.

The Story

In Southern Spain, nestled in the foothills of the Grazalema Mountains, a strange and otherworldly structure has appeared. In a place where not much ever changes, the erection of a gigantic dome has aroused the curiosity of the bemused locals. What is it? Who built it? And what’s it for?

Vidya Heisel is an inspiring entrepreneur and visionary with big dreams. The film follows her rocky and fascinating journey to create Suryalila, an unsurpassed centre for yoga in the heart of the Andalusian countryside, the development of which presents her with some ethically difficult choices between her business and her values.

Suryalila: Six Years in Search of Sanity explores the burgeoning trend of wellness retreats, spirituality and the fundamental need to come back to ourselves, to find community and a sense of belonging in this increasingly detached world.

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