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Katonah Workshops

Katonah Yoga® Workshop Let’s Get Spherical!

Sunday 29 Oct 2023 / The Space Yoga Studio, Brighton

Join us for this second Katonah Yoga workshop, where we delve into the art of back-bending and explore the concept of moving around oneself to overcome personal obstacles.
At its core, the goal of yoga is to be well-rounded and integrated. We will dive into the practice of unfolding the joints of the body to achieve the spherical poses  through the lens of Katonah Yoga.

Masterclass Series

Neurobiomechanics – for optimal brain function and movement range

25 – 26 Nov 2023 / The Space Between Studio, Dublin

A series of workshops over a weekend offering unique perspectives on enhancing movement and overall wellness through neurobiomechanics and yoga. Each workshop focuses on a specific aspect of the neural hierarchy, providing participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools to improve stability, flexibility, and strength.

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