“Lisa is a yoga teacher whose compassionate, free spirit is mirrored in her practice and enthusiasm for life.”

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Yoga Retreats

Join me on a voyage of discovery in yoga and meditation, while exploring the cultural and culinary secrets of each beautiful location. Each retreat and holiday embraces the enchanting natural splendour of the region, the allure of its history and customs, along side the simple flavour of seasonal foods and local wines.

Private classes

Using the Katonah Yoga® methodology a private class will begin with a body reading and sequencing a session to best serve your unique needs to help restore or increase optimum health and vitality.  Private classes are ideal for working with injuries, older students and those with limited mobility.

Yoga Workshops

Workshops are an opportunity to break down concepts, postures or themes.  A longer yoga session gives you the enjoyment of going deeper into specific areas of the body or types of postures such as arm balances and backbends, as well as exploring new ideas and approaches to your practice.

Teacher Training

Three-week intensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Andalusia, Spain with Frog Lotus Yoga International. These are exceptionally high quality, comprehensive and empowering experiences. 

Learn techniques to leverage your practice and empower yourself



Probably the best trip of my life; I will follow wherever Lisa goes! The location was exceptional and the food incredible but the yoga blew my mind. The classes were varied and engaging. We were mixed in ability but everyone was buzzing at the end of each session; they were like little journeys that took you to another place. I will be back! Thank you all for my best ever New Year.

Nicole Crowder ~ Washington DC

My time at La Vita In Equilibrio was one of the most rejuvenating and energizing experiences I have had at a yoga retreat. It came at just the right time in my life where I needed to gather my body and my mind as I’m preparing for some new breakthroughs in my career, and Lisa’s skilful instruction over the course of the days that I was at the retreat were so refreshing. The exercises allowed me to explore parts of my body that I had not tapped into yet. I was able to meet and connect with so many wonderful women who I trust will become lifelong friends.

Connie Allfrey - London, UK

No part of me was deprived on this retreat – in fact every molecule was entirely nourished, lifted and expanded.  Days rolled with a luxurious elegance from start to finish, and yet I didn’t feel over-fussed.  I loved the early meditation and yoga starts with Lisa, whose attentive care continued unbounded throughout the day.  The focus is on balance, so there is no deprivation, more a relaxed and generous attitude allowing you to kick back with pappa pomodoro at lunch and an aperitivo at sundown, all enrobed by rolling Tuscan splendour. With a dream-like, wafting quality, as if it is too good to be true, you will return feeling you have been thoroughly transported and spoiled’.    

Nicola Lederer - Vienna, Austria

A truly luxurious way to boost your energy, rejuvenate your body and explore a country without organizing anything yourself, is to go on one of Lisa Dunn’s yoga retreats. Spoil yourself and find out how to combine yoga with wine during an all-inclusive well-being holiday. It is not only a treat for yourself but also the perfect solo vacation package. 

Pauline Wood - London. UK

I was immediately struck by Lisa’s innovative style and engaging personality.  Having worked with many excellent teachers over a number of years I am used to adapting to different styles of yoga, but with Lisa, it was just a natural fit. She intuitively works with the group to suit all levels – developing strength and flexibility in all members of the class. During the last retreat, Lisa introduced us to some new techniques that I have personally found life-changing.  She is constantly updating her expertise in order to share new ideas with the group, and her natural enthusiasm makes every session new, challenging and fun!

Martin Bond ~ Cambridge, UK

I felt as though I was experiencing the very best of everything.

Juliana - Winnipeg

Best ever! Lisa truly is an amazing human and can not wait to attend another retreat with her guiding us!

Patrizia - Italy

I had my best experience of katonah yoga with Lisa! This work has been very deep in my soul and still working!! Thank you very much Lisa!!

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