Katonah Yoga® Workshops

In this series of Katonah Yoga workshops, you have an opportunity to experience and break down the powerful concepts, body maps, poses and unique adjustments. Experience its use of geometric measure that will infuse your yoga practice with dimension, energy, and refinement.
Discover a map with which to navigate your practice. If a pose is measured well, the body is supported by its own structure rather than relying on muscle.  And learn how to reform your unconscious habits, to organise and orient yourself in time and space, and observe how yoga is origami for the body.
Explore these ideas and approaches to your practice from this magical yet pragmatic lens.

Workshop Three

Playing the Long Game


No matter how many years old  we are it is important to recognise the impermanent reality of the body, and that, as we go through life, change is inevitable. This is the beauty of an asana practice. The time we carve out for our practice gives us the opportunity to explore the inner landscape of our physicality and the subtle beauty of aging.

In this Katonah yoga workshop we will explore our sacred structure, using simple angles and geometry to create a steady framework for our asana practice. This framework will allow us to see our embodied habits and personal stories in a way that gives us important information and feedback. Traditional postures will be explored with new techniques and tools to implement a healthy, sustainable, and joyful practice that you can keep for life.

We will be working with both aspects of our nature – your yang side: the skillset, form and technique that takes you out into the world each day – your strengths, agility and ability – how you show up time and time again.  And also your yin side: how you allow yourself time to go inwards using restorative poses, subtle practices of breath and meditations. Expect to have revelations.

Katonah yoga is a commingling of Hatha yoga poses integrated with theories of sacred geometry to help develop stability and dimension. It has a Taoist philosophy to help observe how we conform to nature’s patterns in our bodies. 

The practice is also peppered with Pranayama and Kundalini that moves breath through your physical terrain, serving as a conduit between the body and mind, soothing the soul. The goal of the practice is to become whole, in order to live a life of integrity and happiness.

Open to both teachers and students who are curious to explore these connections more.

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