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Saturday & Sunday, November 25th & 26th

Neurobiomechanics – A Yoga Masterclass series

-for optimal brain function and movement range

A series of workshops over a weekend offering unique perspectives on enhancing movement and overall wellness through neurobiomechanics and yoga. Each workshop focuses on a specific aspect of the neural hierarchy, providing participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools to improve stability, flexibility, and strength.

Workshop 1: Nerve Flossing for Pain Relief, Increased Range of Motion, and Flow Practice – introduces participants to the practice of nerve flossing, which targets the nervous system to release pain and tension while enhancing mobility. The workshop combines theory, guided exercises, and a physical flow practice to integrate nerve flossing principles into participants’ yoga routines.

Workshop 2: Unleashing the Potential of the Vision System – explores the connection between the visual perception system and movement. Participants will learn how to optimise visual perception to improve balance, coordination, and movement performance. The workshop provides both theory and practical applications, including a yoga flow practice.

Workshop 3: Cultivating Balance and Awareness through the Vestibular System – focuses on the transformative role of the vestibular system in movement and well-being. Through targeted exercises, techniques, and a physical flow practice, participants will learn how to harness the power of the vestibular system to enhance balance, spatial awareness, and proprioception.

Workshop 4: Enlightening the Brain Stem and Cerebellum for Enhanced Movement and Flexibility – delves into the brain stem and cerebellum’s influence on movement and flexibility. Participants will learn specialised practices and brain hacks to activate and strengthen these vital brain regions, improving coordination, balance, and flexibility. Each workshop offers a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, providing attendees with valuable insights, tools, and physical flow practices to deepen their understanding and enhance their yoga practice. By attending these workshops, participants can expect to gain a deeper connection between their mind and body, unlock their potential for physical performance, and enhance their overall well-being.


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