Let’s Get Spherical!

How to Move around Yourself and Get over Yourself


Sunday 29 October 2023 2-5pm

Space Studios – St Augustine’s Centre, Stanford Avenue / Florence Road, Brighton. BN1 6EA

A next level yoga experience from New York 

Learn how to fit yourself so you are well informed with your yoga experience, gaining greater competency to infuse your practice with dimension, energy, and refinement.

Join Lisa Dunn and  Di Dearle for their second collaboration, the UK’s only Katonah teachers.

What to expect:

Join us for  ‘Let’s Get Spherical’ a Katonah Yoga workshop, where we delve into the art of back-bending and explore the concept of moving around oneself to overcome personal obstacles.

At its core, the goal of yoga is to be well-rounded and integrated and in this second Katonah Yoga Workshop, we will dive into the practice of unfolding the joints of the body to achieve the spherical poses of Yoga through the lens of Katonah Yoga.  

With its emphasis on geometry, it allows us to create dimension and volume within our three-dimensional bodies. Instead of limiting ourselves to linear movements, we learn to embody the spherical nature of our physical beings.

During this workshop, we will discover that twisting requires more than just a simple left and right movement. When we twist around a central plum line, we unlock a world of dimension that opens up our field of vision. Moreover, this spherical practice helps flush and open up our organs while balancing the glandular system. Consider these poses as tools that serve a pragmatic purpose in our yoga practice.

Being spherical extends beyond physicality; it signifies a state of resilience and adaptability. Embracing these shapes allows us to bounce back when faced with challenges. Life inevitably throws us curveballs, and we experience moments of illness and loss. What truly matters is how quickly we can bounce back from adversity. Remaining poised at the centre of our circumstances, within our sphere, we take the time we need to recuperate, reorganise, and reevaluate. Then, we radiate back into the game of life.

Katonah Yoga, a practice developed by Nevine Michaan, integrates classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, sacred geometry, mythology, metaphor, and imagination. This alchemical blend forms a practical framework that nurtures personal and communal well-being, fostering resilience in practitioners.

At the heart of Katonah Yoga’s esoteric dialogue lie three principles:

1. All polarities are mediated by trinity, emphasising the importance of navigating life’s highs and lows.

2. Recognising that the universe follows patterns, we find solace in knowing that order exists amidst chaos. Nature itself presents predictable patterns, such as the rising and setting of the sun, the phases of the moon, and the changing seasons.

3. Through repetition, we gain insight. Each time we repeat shapes, patterns, and sequences in our practice, we have the potential to uncover new revelations.

In this workshop, we will delve into the principles of Katonah Yoga, with a specific focus on its pragmatic approach to back-bending poses. 

Join us as we explore the power of spherical movement, cultivate resilience, and deepen our understanding of the body-mind connection.

With Katonah yoga’s unique and potent physical assists you will be taken to new places and may even have some epiphany moments!

This workshop is open to both teachers and students who are curious to explore the maps of the mind and body.

Investment £60 / £50 Concessions – please get in touch

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