New Dates TBA – 2022

Ten-day Immersive Retreat in Samara, Costa Rica

A wellness retreat that will transform you from an ordinary life of disabling ageing to an extraordinary life of boundless energy and renewed wellness.


Twenty per cent of your health and longevity is genetically predetermined – the other eighty per cent is up to you!

ExtraOrdinary Wellness Retreats is a collaboration of two world-class movement and longevity teachers, Lisa Dunn and Peter Mico.

We have designed a profound ten-day life-changing immersive retreat that includes a daily schedule of movement, meditation and breathwork and other longevity practices.

You will stay in a private luxury eco-retreat set in the heart of one of the world’s Blue Zones, where people live the longest and healthiest. Experience the life boosting diet of the Nicoya Peninsula and indulge in the fresh foods of the jungle, prepared by celebrated Tican twin sister chefs.





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