25 September – 4 October 2021

Ten-day Immersive Retreat in Paros, Greece

A wellness retreat that will transform you from an ordinary life of disabling ageing to an extraordinary life of boundless energy and renewed wellness.


ExtraOrdinary Wellness Retreats brings you a 10-day yoga retreat on the island of Paros, in the heart of a certified Blue Zone.

The people of Paros have some of the longest and healthiest lifespans in the world – with many reaching 100 years old with all their faculties! These people certainly know how to live and we are here to discover and emulate their secrets.

We will be staying in a charming boutique beachside hotel, situated along the majestic shores of Paro’s bay and overlooking the ancient fishing village of Paroikia. With no high rise buildings, chain stores, freeways or distractions, the setting is simple, elegant and inspirational. You can reach anywhere on foot. Time stands still. We scoured the planet for somewhere to do our longevity and wellness work and we couldn’t find a better place.

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I had my best experience of Katonah yoga with Lisa! This work has been very deep in my soul and still working!! Thank you very much Lisa!!


A truly luxurious way to boost your energy, rejuvenate your body and explore a country without organizing anything yourself. It is not only a treat for yourself but also the perfect solo vacation package.


Best ever! Lisa truly is an amazing human and can not wait to attend another retreat with her guiding us!



UK – Lisa Dunn
+44 (0)7967997453

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